The Village is Mission Change’s after school program begun in the fall of 2013. We provide homework help, tutoring and sessions in extracurricular activities like art, reading, organic gardening and nutrition, physical fitness, community service projects and a host of other activities designed to guide 25 under-served youth into becoming strong stewards of their community. Located in the McIntosh Housing “projects”, one of Albany’s most crime-ridden areas, the Village stands as a positive, alternative path for local kids who are all to frequently drawn into the surrounding gang lifestyle as early as six years of age. As much as we wish we could serve all of the area’s under-served youth, registration is kept at 25 in order to provide more quality one-on-one time with our enrolled students, forging a more lasting connection now only with the children, but their families, as well. This allows us to better know and understand their educational and social needs. Our goal – our ultimate hope – is to offer daily guidance, protection, education, love, and encouragement to the Village children through every level of school – from kindergarten through 12th grade. It is a decades-long investment, to be sure, but one that we know will produce more college grads and professional men and women than most would expect out of these overlooked kids from the “projects.”


Get involved. Change a life.


To volunteer your time, please print and fill out a volunteer tutor application and contact Village coordinator Sarah Johnson at She will provide you with all the information we need for you to get started. Even one afternoon a week (Monday – Thursday, 2:30 pm – 5:30 pm) can make the biggest difference in the lives of our kids.

To support this program financially, you can donate here or mail your contribution to our main office at 308 Flint Ave. Albany, Georgia 31701, noting that your donation is to be applied to The Village.


The Village Experience

We look forward to seeing you there!