What Is A Sleep Out?

– noun,  A unique night of community and entertainment for the purpose of raising money and awareness for local food insecurity and homelessness.

– verb, The act of spending the night in a cardboard box, tent or other makeshift shelter in an effort to briefly experience the plight of those less fortunate.

Why Sleep Out?

It’s our way of raising money and awareness for our homeless and food-insecure neighbors. Although we could never recreate the real-life experience of what it is like to be truly homeless, it’s our aim that sleeping out for the night can focus all our thoughts on how we can all make a difference in ending the hunger and homelessness right here in our area.

What Goes On?

In addition to pots of soup, coffee and hot chocolate, the Sleep Out seeks to entertain and educate through guest speakers from area food banks and homeless shelters, as well as those who have experienced first-hand the plights of homelessness and hunger. It’s our goal to not only raise as much money as we can, but also to teach people all the ways that they can continue making a tangible, positive difference in their community.

Do I Have To Sleep Outside?

We know sleeping in the cold isn’t for everyone. While we encourage everyone to try sleeping out for the night, anyone is more than welcome to join in on the night’s festivities for as long as they’d like.  Though remember this night is first and foremost about community, not creature comforts.





Donations are tax-deductible, with all proceeds going to Mission Change’s continuing efforts to alleviate homelessness and food insecurity in Albany, GA and surrounding areas.

Who can participate?


Though anyone under 18 years old must have direct adult supervision (ie, aparent, youth leader, etc.) as well as a completed Parent / Guardian Agreement found on the Registration & Consent form.

When & Where

Friday, November 14, 2014
7PM – 7 AM @ Riverfront Park