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Well, it's been one heck of a year so far and I find myself asking the question, "Who do I think I am?". I know, a weird thing to say to yourself, but happens. I think everyone finds themselves asking who do I think I am judging what I think someone else's needs are? How do I know what they need when I am not even in their situation?

As I have sat in meetings listening to how we think we have the answers on homelessnees, hunger, underserved children in our city...we actually have no clue unless we are out TALKING and having conversation with our neighbors who suffer daily with these issues. How can we sit in our seats and say, "I know exactly what needs to happen in order for this issue to be controlled". In all actuality, we haven't a clue unless we include folks that are dealing with it into our lives.

I understand that we are all busy and have a life of our own with families, work, relationships, etc BUT...we need to stop and remember why we are here on this earth?! It's definitely NOT to make ourselves happy and comfortable. It's to LOVE and SERVE others. Others being our neighbors who are trying to stay alive in this city, but do not have the means to get by. But let's put some of our "wants" down and see what the "need" is before we go judging someone's life and how we can't do anything about it.

I was in a class not too long ago, and the video shown talked about this star fish and a little boy who had a hand full of shells he had collected. As he looked out in the water there was a star fish that he wanted badly, but he couldn't figure out how to get the star fish without emptying his hands of the shells. What did he want more? The star fish or the hand full of shells? How many shells are you holding today? Are the shells you hold just a handful of "things" we think we need or deserve to be happy in life? Or are your hands full of things to buy your time and happiness? OR do you see yourself focusing on one or two particular things/people that you feel led to be part of, where your hands are not full but definitely worth holding on to?

I found myself asking the questions I have asked you, and I realize that sometimes it's okay to say no to all the commitees, events, classes, etc. Sometimes it's okay to focus on just ONE thing that allows your compassion to unfold and your heart to be full of JOY. When we fill our lives with hodge-podge of this and that just to say we are "doing something" but never see the results...maybe we need to sit down and RE-prioritize what we know we are being called to be part of instead of hopping on the first thing that sounds good.

What shells can you let go of to help someone or something else around you feel the love and compassion that should be felt around the world? Fill your life with meaningful people and issues worth fighting for...

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