Who We Are

Mission Change is a grass-roots, volunteer-driven 501(c)(3)non-profit dedicated to raising awareness and taking action concerning often-overlooked issues that not only affect our region and our world, but speak to the core of our humanity. From homelessness to food insecurity to local disaster relief; under-served inner-city youth to those struggling with drug and alcohol abuse; from the needs of the elderly to those of citizens with disabilities; we at Mission Change are determined to highlight those to whom society often turns a blind eye, putting faces and stories to the statistics that are so easily ignored. We are both a resource to those with little left and nowhere to turn, as well a community outlet providing an easy, hands-on approach for people who want to take action and make a visible difference within their community. It is our mission to show just how easy it is to Change the World From Your Backyard.





All Welcome

We Mean It.


Mission Change is a certified 501(c)(3) non-profit organization operated exclusively for charitable purposes in accordance with Georgia and Federal law. Thanks to the generosity of local business, corporate, and private donors whose contributions fund our day to day operating expenses, 100% of your contributions are not only tax-deductible, but go directly back into the community, bringing hope and changing lives.

All Welcome

Mission Change is not affiliated with any one religion, faith, political persuasion, or other organized ideology. Just as community is not made up of any one type of person, persuasion, or belief, we don’t believe you have to be a certain way in order to help or deserve assistance. Community is made up of all of us. It belongs to all of us. Therefore Mission Change welcomes all beliefs, all walks-of-life, everyone to come participate in making ours and your community a better place.

A Brief History

Mission Change began in the fall of 2008 with co-founders Todd and LaDonna Urick. Though the husband and wife had always been charitable givers, they were disappointed to see local, worthwhile causes in their community disappear into the background due to lack of funds and widespread recognition. Also disheartening was the seeming miles of red tape those in need had to navigate before even being considered for assistance. It was this frustration and desire for quicker action that led the pair hit upon the idea for Mission Change, an organization of direct giving, not one of endless committees and board meetings and once-a-year fundraisers.


Easton Blanchard

The newly formed Mission Change’s first mission raised funds for Leesburg, GA native Easton Blanchard, an eight-year-old boy who was born with muscular dystrophy with myosin deficiency, a rare degenerative muscle disease requiring numerous surgeries and expensive hospital stays. Community response was overwhelmingly positive, but it soon became evident to those involved that more than just a simple fundraising platform was truly needed to bring about positive change in the local community.


 April 2009: First Monthly Mission

In April 2009, Todd and LaDonna staged the first Monthly Mission in which volunteers provided some much needed repairs to the home of an elderly woman with limited mobility and funds. Since then, Mission Change’s Monthly Missions have become the very heart of the organization, offering a way for people to not just donate their money to local causes, but – more importantly – their time and talents as well. Rather than assume that their monetary donations are bringing about some good, volunteers are able to see firsthand how a little bit of their time, effort, and just a little elbow grease can directly impact the lives of the children, women and men in their community. Since its inception, Mission Change has quickly become a leader of community activism in Southwest Georgia, serving as both a local resource for those in need as well as a coordinator for those with something to give. While the organization’s main focus remains local, over the years it has spearheaded a number of national and global relief efforts for those directly affected by rampant poverty and natural disasters in the Bahamas, Haiti and New York. We’re amazed at how far we’ve come, proud of how much we’ve done, yet most excited about all the change to come.